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SEDOLL TPE Dolls: Introducing the New Sex Robot Options


In the pursuit of realism, the sex doll industry continues to push the boundaries of technology. By integrating artificial intelligence (AI), advanced materials like S-TPE and Silicone-Pro, and customizable, modular designs, it has greatly enhanced the realism and interactivity of sex dolls. Now, the SEDOLL TPE series sexbot has introduced the Electric Hip feature, an innovative technology expected to deliver a whole new level of interactive experience.

Behind the Scenes

What is the Electric Hip Feature?

Electric Hip involves placing an electric mechanism inside the TPE doll, driving internal devices through electrical power to replicate realistic pelvic movements. As part of the sexbot option, after being connected to power, the doll’s waist moves in an ‘S’ shape, realistically simulating hip movements that add depth and realism to the experience. Its rhythmic and smooth motions align with natural human movement, providing a realistic and enjoyable experience.


How Does This Feature Enhance the Sexbot’s Capabilities?

Realistic Motion:
The Electric Hip feature precisely simulates the natural sway of a woman during intercourse through an internal electric system. Its rhythm and range match the natural pelvic movements, ensuring a seamless flow of motions and providing users with realistic physical feedback.

Adjustable Speed and Rhythm:
The Electric Hip feature offers three speed levels: A (slowest), B (medium), and C (fastest). Users can adjust the speed and rhythm based on their preferences, synchronizing each interaction for a personalized and natural experience.

Immersive Interaction:
By realistically simulating a woman’s natural movements, the Electric Hip feature allows users to establish a deeper emotional connection with their sex doll. This dynamic motion breaks down the mechanical stiffness, making the interaction more immersive and natural, offering rich emotional and physical satisfaction.

Installation and Compatibility:
The Electric Hip option is compatible with various SEDOLL TPE models, including 150 E, 158 E, 163 E, and 168 F. This feature can be chosen as part of the sexbot option. Its installation design is carefully considered to maintain the sex doll’s aesthetics and structural integrity while keeping the additional weight within a reasonable range (selecting this feature adds about 2 kg to the sex doll’s weight).

Safety Precautions:

  • Before using the sexbot function, ensure that the sex doll is in a stable position to prevent it from falling over.
  • Use the sexbot as directed in the manual to avoid injury from its weight (selecting this option adds 2 kg to the sex doll’s weight).
  • If the remote control fails to send a command, check if the sexbot is properly connected to a power source or try sending the command closer to the sexbot.
  • The range of motion in the waist joint is limited due to the internal machine. Do not bend the waist to avoid damaging the skeleton. Before turning off the machine, return the waist to a neutral position. After use, unplug the machine to stop operation.
  • When cleaning the sexbot, cover the sockets with waterproof material to avoid getting them wet.

Note: The customer’s usage habits and frequency significantly impact the durability of the sex doll robot’s functions, which are considered consumable. To extend your sex doll’s lifespan, carefully evaluate the need for the sexbot’s function before placing your order.


SEDOLL‘s Electric Hip feature represents a significant step forward in interactive technology, offering users unparalleled customization and realism. It combines adjustable speed and rhythm to give the sexbot a more natural and realistic movement, creating a truly immersive interactive experience. Whether users seek deeper interaction or hope to enhance their emotional connection with lifelike movements, the Electric Hip feature can fulfill their needs. It perfectly blends technology and design while foreshadowing the limitless possibilities of future interactive sex dolls.Behind the Scenes


To differentiate the new options of the SEDOLL sex robot from the existing ones, the new option is now named “Waist-spin Sexbot,” and the original option is called “Blowjob Sexbot.”

The newly launched “Waist-spin Sexbot” option features a unique “S” shaped waist-twisting function, significantly enhancing the stimulation experience for both vaginal and anal interactions, providing users with a richer and more realistic interactive experience. This waist movement mimics more natural human motions, making the sexual experience deeper and more satisfying.

On the other hand, the traditional “Blowjob Sexbot” option focuses on providing an automatic oral sex function. Its waist’s back-and-forth swinging is primarily designed to enhance the realism of oral sex. Although this movement can also positively affect the vaginal experience, its main function remains focused on oral sex.

Blowjob Sexbot Option

In the video demonstration, the directional back-and-forth swinging of the Blowjob Sexbot is clearly captured. It also features the same three-speed adjustments and a charging port at the doll’s foot as the new option. The Blowjob Sexbot not only provides automatic oral sex but also offers a booty tease effect.Blowjob Sexbot

Blowjob Sexbot

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