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Do Real Silicone Sex Dolls Have Skeletons?


The doll skull is on the body of a real YOKIDOLL doll. You don’t know the difference. When meeting people, the silicone lover doll is cut to open the skull. However, the quality of the skull from official manufacturers is usually very good. I have never heard of anything wrong with the bones of the body. Generally, love dolls have skulls and those with skulls can perform various poses. Very few children often do not have a skull.

TPE mini-anime sex doll is more powerful

If you buy a mini anime realistic sex doll made of real TPE material, you can pose it freely because it uses humanized material, so it feels safe and the texture is very comfortable. Even if you pull it down, it won’t get damaged or break.

Since you can pose freely, you can satisfy your desire for a well-organized body line. You can rock your hips back, cowboy and missionary positions! You can adjust not only your height and weight, but also your face shape and skin tone. The face is also an unattainably fun type to collect and trade. It can be said that the advantage of this product is that it can also perform anal sex and enjoy the game of two holes.

As the temperature rises, these sex dolls are sold closer to human skin

As the temperature rises, it becomes softer, more comfortable to hold and closer to human skin. And because it is a material with very high shrinkage, it will not stretch or crack. Mini sex doll for sale made of elastomer material have a more realistic and smooth texture, and are the mainstay of future play dolls. And because the metal of the skull is made of the bottom stainless steel, the built-in metal frame faithfully moves the human bones and joints and makes realistic movements. The life of the whole doll is also very long.

Realistic doll immersion ends

This SEDOLL from Yokidolls has a realistic texture like a real woman, so it is a feature and beauty that you can enjoy from pseudo-sex, it has a realistic texture. Because it uses medical-grade silicone material, it can provide a texture that is close to human skin. A metal frame is also inserted to mimic the movement of bones and joints.

The big booty doll always has big soft breasts, exciting

You can experience the soft face of these amazing sex dolls, which are countless sex dolls. If you are beautiful and face to face, you can flirt at a good height as a lover, and if you play with your faces, you will have fun. Since you have big breasts, your baby will grow and you will be more excited about sex than naked. If you like small tits, squealing your nipples during missionary thrusts, and having an orgasm and being so cute, I’m excited to feel me.

You can customize the hairstyle, hair color, eye color, skin color, nipple color, nails, tail texture and color as you want! Wear a see-through costume like a loli doll, or let a high school girl wear it. Beautiful male sex doll is elegantly shaped and very attractive. Recommended for dolls who like small and fun patterns.

Women’s clothing can be purchased online for sex dolls that are in stock to make sex more comfortable.

If you want a more realistic feminine look, you can shop and wear women’s clothing online. It’s a slim fit that you can wear. There are many places that sell clothes specifically for sex dolls that are in stock, and now it is easy to find what you like. Cross-dressing is also a period of male education. An unreal system with a small body and a big chest, recommended for those who are looking for a clean body and mind! Discounts on love dolls lower the price and you can choose the type of doll you like.