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160cm/5.25ft Arya G-cup Big Boobs Realistic TPE Sex Love Doll for Men

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How to Dress Up Sex Dolls?

When you order a Sex doll , you can personalize it precisely how you want to see it. The most common modifications that can be done are:

  • Eye and hair color
  • Skin tone
  • Hair wigs
  • Vagina options and depth
  • Breasts options

However, it is no surprise that your preferences might shift, and you might acquire a taste for girls with different hair colors or body types. Is it a reason to buy another sex doll? It might as well be! But before you start browsing Sex doll on our site,  you can first try to spice things up by shopping for different outfits and accessories for your sex doll.  

Appearance Modifications

There are not many parts of the body that you can change in a ready-made sex doll as it is usually shipped assembled, except for the head. Depending on the model, you can order a new shape and eye color or a different mouth. Sometimes it can be impossible to make drastic changes, so we suggest opting for a new wig. Giving your sex doll a new style or a haircut is easy and affordable. You can shop for a silky long or short wig on Etsy or any other online store of this kind.

Another thing you can do if the time allows is to dye your doll’s hair to the color you might not have found online. It is a nice couple activity, and it can get messy, but in the end, you will be satisfied with the hair tone you’ve chosen.

And what about makeup? You can apply some light eyeshadow, seductive red lipstick, and spray some sweet perfume on her neck.  And voilà, your sex doll already looks refreshed and ready for the date.

Accessories and Additions

Accessories are something optional, but they bring the charm and highlight the beautiful body parts of your sex dolls like legs, neck, and hands.

Height :160cm62.9inch
Waist :61cm24.01inch
Hips :97cm38.18inch
Full Bust:85cm33.46inch
Shoulder Width:37cm14.56inch
Leg Length :75cm29.52inch
Arm Length :61cm24.01inch
Neck Circumference :26cm10.23inch
Thigh Circumference :51cm20.07inch
Calf Circumference :32cm12.59inch
Foot Length :17cm6.69inch
Palm Length :21cm8.26inch
Weight :39kg
Oral :12cm4.72inch
Vaginal :16cm6.29inch
Anal :14cm5.51inch

Package Include:

  • Sex Doll*1
  • Underwear*1 at random
  • Blanket*1
  • Gloves*1
  • Cleaning Pot*1

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