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Rosine C-cup 5ft2 Full Silicone Sex Doll for Male

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Sweet Rosine works as a porn film. After the crazy and hearty sex in the morning, Rosine took a bath in the bathroom. The water droplets from the shower head dripped on her smooth shoulders and slid towards her white and juicy chest. A lust burst out again in Rosine’s body.

Rosine loves her current job, can enjoy sex and get a lot of money, why not do it? What’s more, she is more and more familiar with her daily work, and she is fully qualified for this job.

Later she fell in love with a man. That man is a photographer with the freedom and romance she yearns for. She had never had such a dual satisfaction of spirit, soul and body. She stopped this job and decided to give all her body and mind to this man.

Like being redeemed by fate, she truly realized that the past time is meaningless. With her eyes closed, Rosine only thought of “It’s like going home.” It’s like going back to a country where there is only the same kind after many years of fighting with Trojans and Lesterignes. Like returning to her hometown after the dust settled, she suddenly realized that she had only been pestering the wrong person all these years.

So, will this man be you? 

Material:Full Silicone
Head: Rosine, SE#101
Shoulder width: 33CM
Under bust: 67CM
Foot length:22CM
Net Weight:38KG

What does the package include?
1* lingerie
1* cleaning device
1* sex doll
1* USB heating rod for love holes
1* pair of gloves

1* blanket